Full-Spectrum Engineering Services

The combination of our Automatic Test Systems (ATS) engineering capabilities and ATS application engineering capabilities allows us to offer complete turnkey solutions in the ATS test development area. Let us be your turnkey solution.

Automatic Test Systems (ATS) Engineering Services

Hardware Design

Test Development

Component Analysis

Performance Testing

System Software Development

ATS & Test Program Set (TPS) Development

Interface Hardware Design Testing

Interface Hardware Design Testing

Interface Hardware Design Manufacturing

Interface Hardware Design Manufacturing

Component TPS Software Development

Component TPS Software Development

Trusted for These Projects


U.S. Army Next Generation Automatic Test System (NGATS)


United States Marine Corps (USMC) Third Echelon Test System (TETS)

Logisys has developed extensive knowledge of the U.S. Army Next Generation Automatic Test System (NGATS) and USMC Third Echelon Test System (TETS) ATS systems and their weapons system application test program sets (TPS). We have provided complete turnkey engineering services and solutions in support of these automatic test systems including hardware design, test development, component analysis, performance testing, and system software development and maintenance.

ATS Engineering KSAs

  • Design, integration, and testing
  • Test program set hardware and software design
  • Hardware interface adapter and cable design, integration, and manufacturing
  • Line replaceable unit, line replaceable module, and circuit card assembly test strategy document (TRD) preparation
  • Capability and gap analysis
  • Automated calibration procedure development and integration
  • Systems Engineering
  • System upgrades and refurbishment
  • Tactical shelter system integration
  • System failure analysis

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product support

Product Support

LogiSys provides logistical support for automatic test systems over their lifecycle to ensure they are available and ready for our nation’s warfighters, depots, and sustainment organizations.



Our robust procurement process is resourced with the personnel and tools needed to research, identify, procure, and deliver repair parts and materials to our clients.